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      • Pista Campomulo
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      • Pista Moline
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      • Variante Lozze
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      • Pista Ortigara
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      • Pista bob
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      • Pista tubing
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      • Pista tubing Kamikaze
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      • Pista bob Kamikaze Plus
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      • Rifugio Base Malga Campomulo
      • Base Malga Campomulo
      • Aperto
      • Rifugio Malga Moline
      • Malga Moline
      • Chiuso
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    rifugio base malga campomulo estate

    Dear friends, from tomorrow the Snow Fun Park will also open on Friday afternoon! Below are our schedules and services updated to 27 January 2022: - t …

Campomulo Lodges

Refuges in the nature of the Asiago Plateau

The refuges represent the true heritage of the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities, witnesses of a healthy and genuine lifestyle, linked to the values and traditions of the past. Traditions that can be rediscovered even today in the dishes and in the welcoming environments of the Rifugio Base di Malga Campomulo, the starting point of all the slopes of the Centro Fondo Campomulo and various paths, and of the Rifugio Malga Moline, a support structure located higher, where nature is still pure and uncontaminated.

Here, where time seems to have stopped, you can rediscover the pleasure of conviviality, savoring delicious s typical dishes in company, or enjoy a deasing in nature, sipping a good drink in the external solarium.

Refuge Base Malga Campomulo

The Refuge-Hotel in nature, starting point of slopes and paths

The Rifugio Base di Malga Campomulo is located at 1,530 m.s.l.m and offers hospitality and refreshment to tourists, and excursions, with a well-stocked bar, a spacious restaurant with typical dishes and rooms comfortable for those who want to stop and sleep. Starting point of all the Soland skiing trails of the Centro Fondo Campomulo and various soy , the Rifugio Campomulo is the perfect place to rest after the hard work on the snow or on the trails

    • Astal
    • 1530 m a.s.l.m.
    • Bar
    • Bevande, ristoro
    • Restaurant
    • Primi, spiedo, brace
    • Rooms
    • Tv, telephone, hi-fi
    • Parking
    • 1000 seats
rifugio malga campomulo estate

Malga Moline Refuge

Support shelter in unspoilt nature

The malga Moline Refuge is a alpine refuge located at an altitude 1,740 m.s.l.m., immersed in the silence of unspoiled nature. This characteristic restop shelter has bar, restaurant and 25 beds in the dormitory and can be reached on skis or snowmobiles during the winter season, or on foot starting from the Basic Refuge of Malga Campomulo, in summer, spring and autumn.

    • Altitudine
    • 1740 m a.s.l.m.
    • Bar
    • Bevande, ristoro
    • Restaurant
    • Primi, spiedo, brace
    • Camerata
    • 25 posti con séparé
    • Altri servizi
    • Wc, solario, docce
rifugio adriana moline estate