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Ski school

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      • Pista Campomulo
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      • Rifugio Base Malga Campomulo
      • Base Malga Campomulo
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      • Rifugio Malga Moline
      • Malga Moline
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    rifugio base malga campomulo estate

    Dear friends, here are the new opening hours and days: The RIFUGIO BASE MALGA CAMPOMULO is open at the following times: Monday and Friday from 11:30 t …

The ski school of the Centro Fondo Campomulo

Learn to ski safely

The ski school of our cross-country center works every day and has its headquarters next to the Base Malga Campomulo Refuge.

It is equipped with an adjacent school field, where our experts and qualified instructors give individual, collective and group lessons, according to the most modern criteria for teaching cross-country skiing. 

Special courses for children are also organized, ideal for bringing children closer to white sport, the right system to learn while having fun, in total safety, followed by teachers specialized in teaching for children.

Learn to ski while having fun!

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Cross country skiing lessons and courses

For adults and children who want to learn to ski

The masters of Ski Chalet at Campomulo School, experienced and skilled, follow the most modern criteria of teaching to educate children and adults about the techniques of cross country skiing.

Who will be closely followed, step by step, you can choose individual classes, while those who prefer learning to ski while having fun in the company will be able to participate in group classes and group.

We also organize special courses for children, designed to bring children to the wonderful world of cross country skiing.

The instructors of the ski school

Qualified and experienced in teaching sci

Ski Chalet at Campomulo school teachers are highly qualified, always helpful and attentive to understand the needs of individual students.

Anyone who wants to learn to ski with these experts will really be in good hands: for their safety comes first.

For their lessons, the masters of our ski school teaching modern criteria, the right mix of theory and practice that also teaches beginners to juggle on skis in no time.

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