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  • Info piste

    • 0/15 piste aperte
    • aggiornato al 12/04/2022
      • Pista Campomulo
      • Chiuso
      • Pista Moline
      • Chiuso
      • Variante Lozze
      • Chiuso
      • Pista Ortigara
      • Chiuso
  • Info snow fun park Snow park

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    • aggiornato al 12/04/2022
      • Pista bob
      • Chiuso
      • Pista tubing
      • Chiuso
      • Pista tubing Kamikaze
      • Chiuso
      • Pista bob Kamikaze Plus
      • Chiuso
  • Info rifugi

    • 1/2 rifugi aperti
    • aggiornato al 26/09/2022
      • Rifugio Base Malga Campomulo
      • Base Malga Campomulo
      • Aperto*
      • Rifugio Malga Moline
      • Malga Moline
      • Chiuso
  • Ultime news

    • aggiornato al 26/09/2022
    rifugio base malga campomulo estate

    Dear friends, here are the new opening hours and days: The RIFUGIO BASE MALGA CAMPOMULO is open at the following times: Monday and Friday from 11:30 t …

What they say about us

The words of journalists on the Centro Fondo Campomulo

"Il paradiso del fondo" - Fulvio Campiotti - CORRIERE DELLA SERA

"Skiing in solitude with roe deer" Gianni Celi - IL GIORNALE DI VICENZA

"Centro Fondo Campomulo, which consists of a cross-country school and 150 kilometers of wonderful routes... It is the most equipped and largest complex in Italy, probably in Europe"Glauco Benigni - LA REPUBBLICA

"Huge expanses of fir trees and snowy glades, where only cross-country skiers can access" Silvia Huen - FRIEND

"L'Università del fondo" Mario Natucci - THE NIGHT

"... I've visited cross-country centers in Italy and Europe, but this one is really great! The most complete, it offers an infinity of services and a variety of tracks that make it unique" Carlo Ceola - SKI-ALP