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  • Info piste

    • 0/15 piste aperte
    • aggiornato al 12/04/2022
      • Pista Campomulo
      • Chiuso
      • Pista Moline
      • Chiuso
      • Variante Lozze
      • Chiuso
      • Pista Ortigara
      • Chiuso
  • Info snow fun park Snow park

    • 0/8 piste aperte
    • aggiornato al 12/04/2022
      • Pista bob
      • Chiuso
      • Pista tubing
      • Chiuso
      • Pista tubing Kamikaze
      • Chiuso
      • Pista bob Kamikaze Plus
      • Chiuso
  • Info rifugi

    • 1/2 rifugi aperti
    • aggiornato al 11/06/2022
      • Rifugio Base Malga Campomulo
      • Base Malga Campomulo
      • Aperto
      • Rifugio Malga Moline
      • Malga Moline
      • Chiuso
  • Ultime news

    • aggiornato al 22/06/2022
    rifugio base malga campomulo estate

    Dear friends, from tomorrow the Snow Fun Park will also open on Friday afternoon! Below are our schedules and services updated to 27 January 2022: - t …

What they say about us

The words of journalists on the Centro Fondo Campomulo

"Il paradiso del fondo" - Fulvio Campiotti - CORRIERE DELLA SERA

"Skiing in solitude with roe deer" Gianni Celi - IL GIORNALE DI VICENZA

"Centro Fondo Campomulo, which consists of a cross-country school and 150 kilometers of wonderful routes... It is the most equipped and largest complex in Italy, probably in Europe"Glauco Benigni - LA REPUBBLICA

"Huge expanses of fir trees and snowy glades, where only cross-country skiers can access" Silvia Huen - FRIEND

"L'Università del fondo" Mario Natucci - THE NIGHT

"... I've visited cross-country centers in Italy and Europe, but this one is really great! The most complete, it offers an infinity of services and a variety of tracks that make it unique" Carlo Ceola - SKI-ALP