piste da fondo gallio

Pista agonistica Meimerle

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      • Pista Campomulo
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      • Pista Moline
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      • Variante Lozze
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      • Pista Ortigara
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      • Pista bob
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      • Pista tubing
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      • Pista tubing Kamikaze
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      • Pista bob Kamikaze Plus
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      • Rifugio Base Malga Campomulo
      • Base Malga Campomulo
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      • Rifugio Malga Moline
      • Malga Moline
      • Chiuso
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    rifugio base malga campomulo estate

    Dear friends, here are the new opening hours and days: The RIFUGIO BASE MALGA CAMPOMULO is open at the following times: Monday and Friday from 11:30 t …

Meimerle Competitive Track

Track for competitions and training athletes

BLUE TRACK-racing very hard

BLUE TRACK-racing very hard

    • Signage
    • Blue
    • difficulties
    • very difficult
    • Length
    • 7.5 km
    • Time
    • Altitude difference

Eas it's a race track and training for athletes. It has been specially built for competitive events even at a high level (international and World Cup).

Ye is possible, using the various connections, to play competitive events on all the distances provided for by the F.I.S.I. and F.I.S.  

The departure and arrival are located in the center of the Stadio del Fondo in the immediate vicinity of the Malga Campomulo base refuge (m. 1530). It develops almost exclusively in the western part of the access road to the Centro Fondo Campomulo.

It is a track designed keeping in mind the peculiarities of all the other best competitive tracks in the world. Suitable for great champions but accessible to all those who wish to experience the thrill of a competition track; of course, here you have to know how to lead the skis to perfection, but it is not forbidden to enter beginners in possession of the elementary technique of descent and snow plow with snowplow curves.

Long climbs alternate with fun ups and downs and breathtaking descents with sudden and very difficult curves.