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Pista Moline

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    estate a campomulo news

    Friends we inform you that the Campomulo refuge will open on Friday 2 June, Republic Day, and on Saturdays and Sundays for the weekend of 3-4 June and …

Moline Slope

Varied route of medium difficulty



    • Signage
    • redhead
    • difficulties
    • Media
    • Length
    • 20 km
    • Time
    • 2:30
    • Altitude difference
    • 210 m

It is the main route, fun, varied, with varied and interesting views. The start is a few meters from the base refuge of Campomulo. A great and colorful goal clearly indicates it.

At first you go slightly uphill some hairpin bends and you reach the wide depression that constitutes the saddle of Campomuletto at an altitude of 1600 m.

It then continues with a flat path until you meet on the left, near Malga Fiara, the track that comes from Pra Campofilone. Continue to the right, while downstream begins to appear the very large basin of Marcesina. Pass Malga Mandriele (q. 1550) and leave on the right the track that goes up from Marcesina. There is a downhill hairpin bend to continue with a suggestive path up to the head of the Val Scura. Leave the junction for Malga Fossetta on the right. The track now becomes steeper and with a few hairpin bends rises to the saddle (q. 1641). 
You follow the downhill track that leads to the left to the Buso del Diavolo. Turn almost immediately right, downhill, with a few curves and two hairpin bends, then slightly uphill. You reach the junction that takes you to the right and leads directly to Porta Molina. Keep left and after about 300m, at the junction, turn sharply right, uphill; two more hairpin bends and head directly north and the Rifugio d'sostegno Malga Moline (q. 1740). 

A km. 11 from the start: 1.40.
From the refuge you descend keeping to the left for the first two junctions. With an alternation of flat stretches and short descents you take you to Pra Campofilone, continue eastwards and rise with numerous curves to the Selletta (q. 1651). It descends, first quickly, then by bumps to Malga Fiara (q. 1600). At the fork take a right; after a long slight slope, slightly uphill, you arrive at Campomuletto and then slightly downhill to the base refuge Campomulo.


Charter of altitudes

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