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Summer at Campomulo

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      • Rifugio Base Malga Campomulo
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    piste centro fondo campomulo a fine stagione w

    Dear friends, here is the update on openings for spring 2024! Until the end of April we will be open only on weekends and holidays, with the times ind …

Summer chalet at Campomulo

Nature and relaxation on the plateau for a dream vacation

When the snow melts and gives way to lush green pastures and forests, chalet at Campomulo turns from skiing capital in a must for lovers of mountain walks and good food traditional.

The fresh, clean air you breathe up here, the extraordinary beauty of the landscapes, the smell of wet grass, the sound of cowbells of cows, the flavor of the dishes: thesummer chalet at Campomulo is a new adventure, with emotions unforgettable.

To discover the various walking trails, as well as mountain bike itineraries, for exploring the natural surroundings riding the bicycle. And then everyone in the shelter to recharge your batteries with a good traditional dish and mountain dairy products.

The walking paths

Itineraries for excursions with departure from chalet at Campomulo

Beautiful corners and places rich in history to explore: the chalet at Campomulo area is waiting to be discovered!

In summer, spring or fall, is most enjoyable stroll along the paths that lead from the Alpine chalet at Campomulo Base Hut to discover the surrounding nature and places that tell the history of the plateau: the monument dedicated to Pope John Paul II, thegreat war Military Observatory, on monte Baldo, monte Val Marie andOrtigara, the silence path, but also shelters and huts, real asset plateau community ...

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Mountain bike trails

Itineraries for excursions by mountain bike from chalet at Campomulo

Chalet at Campomulo is the ideal starting point for adventurous mountain biking in the territories of theAsiago plateau.

Bicycle lovers from here can follow several trails for MTB, allowing herself to be charmed by the wonderful scenery of the nearby plain of Marcesina and from the slopes of the surrounding mountains, which provide an experience in every season always different: thesummer with its green pastures, theautumn with its warm shades, the spring with its meadows ...

mountain bike campomulo

Refuge Base Malga Campomulo

Refuge-Hotel in nature at the start of slopes and trails

The Rifugio Base di Malga Campomulo, located in 1,530 m.s.l.m in the heart of the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni, is the ideal meeting point for sports, families, lovers of nature and good food.

The Campomulo Refuge, in fact, is the nerve center of the area, the starting point of all the westry trails of the Centro Fondo Campomulo and of several itineraries for walks and mountain bikes, where you can stop for an invigorating break at the bar or restaurant, or restay to sleep in the comfortable rooms furnished in wood ...

    • Altitudine
    • 1530 m a.s.l.m.
    • Bar
    • Bevande, ristoro
    • Restaurant
    • Primi, spiedo, brace
    • Rooms
    • Tv, telephone, hi-fi
    • Parking
    • 1000 seats
rifugio malga campomulo estate

Malga Moline Refuge

In the heart of the slopes, a refuge "out of this world"

The Malga Moline Refuge is the real alpine refuge. Located at an altitude 1,740 m.s.l.m., where nature is still pure and uncontaminated,  in winter it can only be reached by skis or service snowmobiles, while in other seasons it can be reached by following a itinerary of about 8 km, starting from the Rifugio Base di Malga Campomulo.

Meeter and hikers meet, the malga Moline refuge has bar and restaurant with traditional cuisine, as well as 25 beds in a dormitory, for those who want to stop and sleep.

    • Altitudine
    • 1740 m a.s.l.m.
    • Bar
    • Bevande, ristoro
    • Restaurant
    • Primi, spiedo, brace
    • Camerata
    • 25 posti con séparé
    • Altri servizi
    • Wc, solario, docce
rifugio adriana moline estate