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Variante pista Ortigara

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    Dear friends, summer is approaching and we are happy to inform you that the Campomulo Refuge reopens! For now, you will find us operating only on week …

Track Variant Ortigara

Spring track variant Ortigara

BLACK RUN-very hard

BLACK RUN-very hard

    • Signage
    • Nera
    • difficulties
    • very difficult
    • Length
    • 29.5 km
    • Time
    • 5:00 min
    • Altitude difference
    • 570 m

In spring, the track Ortigara can be traveled in the opposite direction.

From Malga Moline climb directly on Ortigara for the shortest following northwards along the trail that leads to Piazzale Lozze and Valsugana. At the fork in the road leaves to the right yellow track Valsugana to reassemble the slope in costa left, not mechanically, wrought out of a cart track (attention) than with some quick jerking leads to the refuge and the Church of Lozze.

Left left the chapel trail climbs to a saddle, from which the gaze roams in the direction of Mount Ortigara, which looks like a steep bastion.

It heads North West to Malga Ortigara (1937), then towards the Valley and we arrive at the foot of the escarpment finale. The slope, in spite of their appearance, is easily passable by exploiting with wide zig-zag the ravines. The descent to the base running, in this case, along the beaten track described first and made back.

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