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Webcam and weather

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    centro fondo gallio inverno

    Mour 23 December, the SNOW FUN PARK of the Centro Fondo Campomulo! the Rifugio Base Malga Campomulo is OPEN while the PISTE del Centro Fondo Campomulo …

Webcam and weather

To stay up to date on the situation in Campomulo, here are the webcams with frame updated every 5 minutes from the Campomulo Base Refuge and on the Snow Fun Park of the Campomulo Cross-Country Center. 

These webcams are a great tool to monitor, almost in real time, the snow situation in winter, or to check what the weather is like in Campomulo during the other seasons.

Weekly weather forecasts on the Gallium area are also available, useful for organizing days or holidays in the area according to the expected weather.

Weather forecast

Meteo Gallio


See weather report by Arabba avalanche center