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Pista Valsugana

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Track Valsugana

Track survey Valsugana



    • Signage
    • Yellow
    • difficulties
    • hard
    • Length
    • 29.5 km
    • Time
    • 4:00
    • Altitude difference
    • 370 m

So called because it is reached, in a pristine landscape, the far north of the Highlands verges in Valsugana.

The initial part is equal to the slope "Ortigara" until the junction of Mount oven, where, continuing to the right, along a long uphill slope and you reach the saddle (1610) and then downhill easy halfway up the junction (1703), where it passes the main "red route".

Turn left towards Malga Moline long plateaus and bumps with small slopes. At about 200 meters from the left towards the square of the Lozze, which can be reached without difficulty going up a short Valley. You leave on the left the runway for Ortigara, to follow right track that crosses the square and salt so accentuated North to lead on the plateau of Pra della Porta in view of Mount Caldiera.

It takes 1.5 kilometers to reach valletta beautiful floor Door after Molina in view of Valsugana, 2000 m. of inclines and down the villages of Strigno, Ospedaletto and others, and how to frame the Dolomites.

The return you run were renovating for a small stretch of the track and proceeding to the left. A sweet descent with some steeper but brief, reports behind Malga Moline. The overtake on the left as indicated by the signs and downhill for bumps and a few bends you reach the plateau of Buso of the devil.

A slightly uphill and then downhill again, still a couple of bends, some bend and arrive at the junction of Dimple. It is left to the left continuing for a while longer. Come to Cattagno you start the long Balcony rocks uphill slope (Km 8) leading, first to Malga Mandriele, then to Malga Fiara until Campomuletto. From here begins the descent to the refuge of base chalet at Campomulo.

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