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Snow Fun Park

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    Dear friends, here is the update on openings for spring 2024! Until the end of April we will be open only on weekends and holidays, with the times ind …

Emotions on the snow to try

pista tubing campomulo

All the slopes of the Snow Fun Park of Campomulo

From bobsleigh to snowmobiles: fun guaranteed!

At the Snow Fun Park of the Centro Fondo Campomulo it is possible to have fun on bobsleighs, sledges and rafts, swooping down on the specially beaten slopes:

- 3 bobsleigh and toboggan runs
- Kamikaze bobsleigh track
- Bobsleigh Track Kamikaze Plus
- tubing track
- Kamikaze tubing track
- baby park

And when you have descended, the fun begins again: the ascent to the slopes is in fact facilitated by two treadmills.

In addition, at the Snow Fun Park, children can experience the thrill of independently driving modern and safe baby snowmobiles in the specially designed circuits.

The opening hours of the Snow Fun Park

Morning: 10:00 to 12:45

Afternoon: 13:00 to 16:00

Discover the entrance prices to the Snow Fun Park

Price list Snow Fun Park

piste snow park

Miniclub, playground for children

snowfun kinderheim

Snow Fun Park Rules

The rules to be respected in the Snow Fun Park of Campomulo

• Entrance fee;

• Possibility of using bobsleigh and / or tubing of your choice;

• It is forbidden to cross and climb the slopes on foot respecting the signs;

• For safety reasons, it is forbidden to climb in two adults on bobsleighs. Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by a parent during use;

• It is forbidden to sit and walk on the ribbon;

• During the ascent on the moving carpet keep the upright and firm position, do not go down for any reason before arrival;

• Keep a minimum distance of 2 meters from those in front;

• At the end of the ascent go down as indicated by the arrows;

• Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult;

• At the end of the descent the track must be cleared as soon as possible by walking along the perimeter;

• In case of fall during the descent free the track as soon as possible;

• Accompanying gentlemen must remain behind the safety nets;

• Maintain appropriate behavior in respect of others;

• The staff is authorized to collect the ticket if the regulation is not respected;

• The management declines all responsibility due to accidents and / or falls that may cause damage to houses and / or things not attributable to willful misconduct and negligence on the part of the organization of the playground itself;

• The purchase of the entrance ticket to the park implies the change of acceptance of the aforementioned regulation.